A Doidy Cup offers an hygienic alternative to using baby bottles and sippy cups. Perfect for using at daycare, kindergarten and child care centres.

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Doidy Cups Make Self Feeding Easy

When your child starts daycare, you want to make things easy for everyone. By introducing a Doidy Cup early on, your child develops the skills needed to master drinking from a rimmed cup. This gives them a head start with their independent feeding skills.

Doidy Cups Are Hygienic to Use

Sippy cups and baby bottles are hard to keep clean. The teats can hide bacteria, mould and all sorts of nasties. A rimmed Doidy Cup has nowhere for dirt to hide and being dishwasher safe, it’s easy to wash too.

Make a Doidy Your Baby’s First Cup

Easy to use, a Doidy Cup is a slanted and has two easy grip handles. Spills are reduced as your child can see the contents of the cup without any weird neck movements thanks to the cup slope and curved rim.

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